Dear Students Welcome to DESTINATION EXPLORERS

 Secretary General Massage: 


    Dear Students:

 Nice to meet you!

                                      I am very happy that you visit our website! First of all, on behalf of all  DESTINATION EXPLORER'S working staff, I’d like to deliver a warm wishes to you, and Pray you  would have a beautiful Future. DE established to help out the deserving students  in their studies and professional education. DE adheres to humanism and a wholehearted  service for Domestic & international students. DE believes to provide the first-class learning  and living environments. DE pays more attention teaching staff qualification, textbook  selection, design and arrangement of teaching materials, and Student application  ability. DE’s advantage lies in its services with international standard. If you have got some

 problems in your study and life here, feel free to ask the DE Student Office staff for help.

 Thank you for your choosing DE and it proves that your choice is correct. We believe that our

 efforts will surely get more than expected.

     At last but not least, wish you a happy life and successful study.


    Thank you!


                            GS of DE