Shenyang Medical College

     MBBS / BDS / NURSING Programs


  MBBS (Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery) & BDS (Bachelors of Dental Surgery)  Admissions are open for running year batch in Shenyang Medical College, China.


 Picture Gallery of Shenyang Medical College

                                            Admininstration Building 



Why study in SYMC:

1.      Recognized by WHO, CMC and Approved by PMDC.

2.      MBBS & BDS Program 5 years of study and one year Internship.

3.      Internship in student’s home country or China.

4.      China Govt University.

5.      Enroll International students for Medical programs

6.      Syllabus entirely based on International standard.

7.      Government owned, Top university of china for Medical International studies and highly                            reputed worldwide.

8.      5 In-house hospitals.

9.      Multinational student’s body with Pakistani, USA, Russia, Indian, African, Ghana, Yamane                          and South Asian & EU students.

10.   Located in the famous international city-Shenyang, one of top  most vigor cities in                                   china, and located in Liaoning province of China.

11.   Eligible to appear USMLE, PLAB, PMDC, and other *SCREENING TEST, etc. 

       Note: *According to Student's Home country Medical Board Rules and Regulations. 


Hostel Facility:

                                                          Hostel Buildings 


The college provides in-campus hostel to the international students. With air conditioner, bathroom, color TV, telephone, bed with required amenities and furniture, drinking water machineinternet access (Need pay/month), public laundry and kitchen.

Note: Some Units of Electricity and water is Free of Charge, If consume more then need pay.

                                                              Dinning Hall  



 Picture Gallery of Shenyang Medical College


 Fee Structure:

             Fees of MBBS/BDS program 

1. Tuition Fee: 25000 RMB (Chinese Yuan)/Year   (5 Years total) + *Internship 

2. Hostel Fee:    2500 RMB (Chinese Yuan)/Year   (5 Years total)  Four Persons /Room

2.1 Hostel Fee:  5000 RMB (Chinese Yuan)/Year   (5 Years total)  Two Persons /Room

 Note: Electricity and water is Free of Charge, If consume more then need pay.

           *Internship in student’s home country or China.  


               Fees of NURSING program 

1. Tuition Fee: 20000 RMB (Chinese Yuan)/Year     (4 Years total)

2. Hostel Fee:    2500 RMB (Chinese Yuan)/Year    (4 Years total)   Four Person /Room

2.1 Hostel Fee:  5000 RMB (Chinese Yuan)/Year     (4 Years total)   Two Persons /Room

 Note: Some Units of Electricity and water is Free of Charge, If consume more then need pay



  • Students are required pay fees by Chinese Currency to the college upon students arriving in China and registration at HF Offices by themselves
  • Students have to Pay Electricity and water by them Selves.
  • RMB or CNY is Chinese currency symbol, the current rate USD to RMB is 1$ : 6.05 RMB
  • Please note that beside tuition and hostel fee, the students must have to pay other nominal fees as describe.                                                                                                                                                           1) Application Processing fee: 1st Year (2) JW202 visa issuance fee  1st Year                                           3) Registration fee in the university 1st Year (4) Medical check up: 1st Year                                             5) Medical insurance: per year (6) Residence permit: per year
  • Hostel rooms are limited, if rooms are not available in this hostel (above given hostel criteria). Students have to pay 30 RMB per/day or students have to rent apartment outside of the university.
  • All the fees above are paid in Chinese Yuan (unless specified otherwise).
  • If students decide to transfer or withdraw, the paid fees will not be returned or transferred.
  • From 2nd year and onwards the students will pay the, Resident Permit Fee and Health Insurance fee by themselves.
  • Books, Food, internet and other self expenses are not included in above fees.
  • Engineering Programs marked with sign * are currently teaching in English.
  • Send Your Documents at or call 008613840244202


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